Biography of Dr. Ahmad Hellat

Ahmad Hellat was born on 6 February 1963 in one of the central areas of Tehran. After completing his Physics Math Diploma and after successfully completing the tests at the Teacher Training University, computer and clinical psychology, he chose the field of clinical psychology and entered the university ...Ahmed Hallet was born on February 17, 1341. After completing his education and receiving a diploma in mathematics, he began his university studies in Clinical Psychology, and graduated from the Allameh Tabatabai School of Social Sciences at the end of his postgraduate course in journalism.

Dr. hellat, who received their doctorate in specialty psychology, after attending higher education degrees, traveled to Germany and then to Switzerland, attending specialist psychology courses and success stories for Ziegl Ziegler.

Dr. hellat is currently a faculty member and flight professor at the University of Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and has since been published by over 11 authoritative scientific articles (ISIs).

Dr. Ahmad hellathas held many seminars on success and psychology for different classes, especially Persian speaking people from abroad, including Germany, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Spain, France and the United Arab Emirates. He is also the founder and director of the Printed Success Magazine and the president of Iran's professional speakers.

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